Month: March 2016

local press cafe

it’s thursday morning. i awake at 7am to my set-for-every-thursday alarm. class is cancelled for the week due to the ever-so-lovely canberra day public holiday. ‘i can sleep in a little longer and i’ll go to uni at like 10,’ my thought process says. it’s 9am. i awake again. maybe i should go to local…

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rackers’ tips to survive uni

i have an assignment due monday 5:30pm.imagine the scenario. it is saturday night, 8:38pm.  i have work tomorrow, 9-3. counter in the befores and afters of getting ready/travelling to and from work. essentially no morning time, so it gives me tomorrow night. i have work monday, 7:30-3, and then nannying, 4pm until usually about 6:30-7pm.…

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lil bit bout ya gal

le name’s rackers, 21 years of age, studying a bachelor of primary education at the¬†wonderful uni of canberra, in which i probably will be a 27 year old graduate. also have lil side bitch, certificate four in professional writing and editing – as you can see, excelling in this with my incredible grammar (capital letters…

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