lil bit bout ya gal

le name’s rackers, 21 years of age, studying a bachelor of primary education at the wonderful uni of canberra, in which i probably will be a 27 year old graduate. also have lil side bitch, certificate four in professional writing and editing – as you can see, excelling in this with my incredible grammar (capital letters are for adults) (i’m only 21). so this is why i’m here. for the experience, to get my word out there, for a lol.

i am an avid self-lover and a serial dater. i had a friend say ‘we could make a christmas cake outta you, you go on that many dates’. i hardly ever make it past the first date though so i’m not exactly skilled in the dating area, also never make it far enough to get someone to tickle me – mostly because i’m picky as fuck but hey that’s for another day.

i’m very much pro-selfie, as anyone who follows me on insta (@rackoool) knows. i celebrate my body. i celebrate my incredible taste in underwear. i don’t believe in the bikini vs underwear debate. but hey, also for another day.

i am incredibly in love with this life. i am obsessed with doges. i have probably a stupidly contagious laugh but, in saying that, i am an emotional wreck. pretty much everyone i know has seen me cry at least once. more than likely under the influence of alcohol.

i have 3 more months left in this wonderful, ridiculously small city that is canberra, and then i’m on to bigger and better things (men). so here’s to you reading my satirical, ridiculous life – following my love life, my friends life, my occasional down day, and probably just the dumb shit i do, and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

in saying that, continue to make ya own mistakes. don’t take my word for it.

until next time lovers. peace

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    The real hawk dog

    Classic rackers

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