Month: April 2016

rackers’ life tips: part 3

1. when it comes to spending time with ur family, ALWAYS PUT YOUR PHONE IN THE CHOOK  (courtesy of Efkarpidis night. luv u guys) 2. if you don’t like me – that’s okay! just stop feeding my ego and get the fuck off my blog 3. make it a habit to watch sunrises or sunsets…

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rackers’ life tips: part 2

1. never pull an all nighter when you have work/kids to look after the next day. even if they’re low maintenance kids, that fucking show on netflix is not worth the lack of sleep (except it totally was) (shameless is my shameless addiction) (srsly had 3 hrs of sleep in 32 hours)  perk for the…

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my longest chip

i’m so incredibly grateful for all the support that my words have gotten over the past month! nearly hit 1,000 views on the blog – and now you can find ya gal on facebook @ Rackers – in da city. here’s a throwback thursday story for ya because i don’t have the brain power to write…

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let’s talk

happy fucking new year. good riddance to the worst fucking year of my life. i’m not really one to believe that a new year brings good beginnings, cause you can change your life at any given moment, but this one felt a bit better. nothing worse could happen to this family, right? happy fucking new…

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rackers’ life tips: part 1

1. don’t forget bout your friends just cause someone of the opposite sex is giving you attention 2. kiss people. lots and often. i don’t and i wish i did 3. don’t be ashamed to order your really weird coffee preference. who gives a fuck what the barista thinks bout making your skinny extra hot…

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