rackers’ life tips: part 1

1. don’t forget bout your friends just cause someone of the opposite sex is giving you attention

2. kiss people. lots and often. i don’t and i wish i did

3. don’t be ashamed to order your really weird coffee preference. who gives a fuck what the barista thinks bout making your skinny extra hot tall caramel cappucino with no chocolate and a dash of honey with 3 sugars. they gotta make it anyway

4. invest in a vibrator. boys, you too. stick it up your ass. keep testing your limits

5. ALWAYS be careful what you put into writing (haHahHahHa take ur own advice rackool)

6. feelings are dumb. don’t have them. (i have so many. so many. too many. help me)

7. eat lots of pineapple.

8. having a tinder bio that says ‘i will make you cum by my tongue’ does not make me want to test that

9. don’t wax your own fucking eyebrows. unless you want byebrows

10. even if she has small titties, don’t ignore them. it’s impolite

until next time lovers. peace

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