my longest chip

i’m so incredibly grateful for all the support that my words have gotten over the past month! nearly hit 1,000 views on the blog – and now you can find ya gal on facebook @ Rackers – in da city. here’s a throwback thursday story for ya because i don’t have the brain power to write an opinionated/proper post today.

the story of my longest chip

it has been established that i am the weirdest in my family. shout out to monique who said that ‘everything is wrong with me’ when i got my glasses. nothing physically wrong with me (except my eyesight), it’s all in my head. i’m fucked in the head. especially when it comes to sharing food with my family.

it was one fateful day that my lovely mother decided to buy all five of her children some beloved Micky D’s. naturally, as a family, you’re going to have to share your food. why the fuck i needed to share my chips with any of them since they already ate theirs, i’ll never know. but i agreed to monique having a chip. and she took my longest chip.

naturally, as any child would, i got a bit upset about it. like, man, that was my longest chip. but not so naturally, but as any rackers would, i threw a fucking tantrum. SHE TOOK MY LONGEST CHIP! i honestly don’t know how mum kept a straight face or took me seriously in any of the tantrums i threw, because i was the most ridiculous child who, as it turns out, overreacted over silly things.

you see, the other day at work, one of my colleagues had one of my chips – and she took my longest chip. but, i’m 21, an adult, and totally and completely over the way i used to overreact about things……………… until i was on my own and i had a little cry over the longest chip that, once again, has been taken away from me.

i’ve experienced some terrible losses already in my life. but none so much as my longest chip.

*some parts may be exaggerated
*literally only part exaggerated is my last part
*fuck u monique u still owe me ur longest chip

3 responses to “my longest chip”

  1. Hey great work. Loving it


  2. Your just a sensitive little thing Kel, no your NOT fkd in the head. They’ll never understand. You know our childhoods are similar, but you say I have those “hang ups” about my older brother, well there you go, same same 🙂


    1. It’s a joke fatnat! I don’t have any hang ups about my family hahaha this is just a long standing joke in the family about my longest chip


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