rackers’ life tips: part 2

1. never pull an all nighter when you have work/kids to look after the next day. even if they’re low maintenance kids, that fucking show on netflix is not worth the lack of sleep (except it totally was) (shameless is my shameless addiction) (srsly had 3 hrs of sleep in 32 hours)
 perk for the early rise/no rise at all just continuing my day long ass day

2. WEAR that bold lipstick. and kiss so many boys that they end up wearing it too

3. sleep naked

4. “when a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.”

5. PLEASE occasionally make your private insta profile public so i can stalk you!….😊

6. stop using the word ‘slut’ as a shameful and deregatory word! as if sleeping around isn’t a completely common thing nowadays.

7. on that note, sleep around all you want BUT BE SAFE. make sure at leas ONE form of contraceptive is being used.

8. on that same note, sleep around all you want with fellow SINGLE humans.

9. don’t get emotionally attached to a tinder bae. (until you’ve been dating/seeing each other/sleeping together long enough that you refer to them as their real name instead of ‘tinder bae’.)

10. books

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