rackers’ life tips: part 3

1. when it comes to spending time with ur family, ALWAYS PUT YOUR PHONE IN THE CHOOK

 (courtesy of Efkarpidis night. luv u guys)

2. if you don’t like me – that’s okay! just stop feeding my ego and get the fuck off my blog

3. make it a habit to watch sunrises or sunsets or both cause it can restore the magic feeling in ur soul

today’s magic

4. eat ur greens n eat ur genitals

5. stoooop the fucking girl hating! she probably has NO IDEA that you used to fuck/date that guy and even if she does she STILL doesn’t deserve the hate

6. don’t shit on ur mates dreams

7. be HAPPY for ur whippy friends

8. drink so much water u need to piss yourself all the time

9. apparently coconut oil is rlly good for vaginal duties and also lube

10. tinder does not mean looking for relationship. tinder also does not mean DTF asap.

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