Month: May 2016


you lucky ducks are in for another recipe by rackers! this time (for harry potter luvvahs like maself) BUTTERBEER! ingredients: 2 tbsp brown sugar (i threw in what was left cause we were running low with very stale, old brown sugar…) 2 tbsp butter (or margarine whateva) 1 mug milk (just put in a lil…

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rackers’ life tips: part 6

1. SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT GIVE YOU A WINDOW INTO SOMEONE’S REAL, HONEST LIFE. it gives a window but it’s one of those ones with a fake picture up that shows the prettiest interior ever and the inside looks completely different. refer to previous blog post 2. come out for my birthday this weekend! civic…

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u no mi nem not my storeh

it’s not secret that i’m all up in yo grill on social media. whether that actually annoys you shouldn’t even be in the question, there are unfollow/unfriend, and god forbid i annoy you that much, blockĀ buttons for a reason. we can all play on guesses as to why i’m addicted to it… instant gratification, validation,…

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my head hurts. my heart hurts. and my fucking eyes hurt. wear ur glasses racquel goddamnit i’m readin a book ‘Life after Life’ by Kate Atkinson (legitimately 10/10, would recommend. so fucking good). the gist of the book is on the blurb (this is what reeled me in).  ‘What if there were second chances? And…

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rackers’ life tips: part 5

1. “it won’t get any easier, you will only get stronger” – narelle johnston, 2k16 2. work in a place that won’t hate you for being hungover but only laugh and make guesses on whether or not you got lucky (the answer is not. the answer is always not) 3. friends stop being a dumb…

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dearest mumma

dearest mumma, mother’s day has rolled around once again, like we needed a day to tell you how much we love you. for you to know how much we love you. today is our 989th day without you. there are so many words i have tried to write. nothing… nothing works. i miss you in…

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