rackers’ life tips: part 4

1. it shouldn’t take other people telling you that you don’t need tinder to delete tinder (but it did for me) (i really don’t want to download it again) (pls hit me if i do)

2. passing judgement on me (or others in general) does not make u any better a person

3. being alone doesn’t mean lonely. learn to live in solidarity. learn to laugh at urself

4. don’t pass off unusual bodily functions (whether sexual or not) as ‘okay’ and a ‘one time thing’ – call dat doctor. i’m preparing myself for the worst tomorrow (at least i know it’s not pregnancy nor STD but my brain is convincing me that i have ovarian cancer)

5. when peeing on a pregnancy stick, make sure u pee on the right side of the stick…….(not personal experience swear)

6. feelings are feelings and they cannot be forced, nor is it fair for them to be forced. for either party. DEAL WIT IT

7. a choice is a choice and once the choice is done the choice is chosen n u cannot change the choice so GET THE FUCK OVER IT AND if u really hate that choice then make BETTER choices and everything will be ok

8. like my posts. i’m funny n u know it so if u laugh at me then feed my ego even more n like it

9. grudges are DUMB if u don’t like a person just cut them the fuck out of ur life

10. u should send me money because my dreams of moving to Sydney as soon as i like r looking slimmer unless i get a sugar daddy n let’s be honest i’m hard enough to get in the sack unless ur a strong 7/10 (6.7 if drunk) so sugar daddy prolly isn’t realistic

2 responses to “rackers’ life tips: part 4”

  1. ‘Funny’ Granma used to laugh at herself all the time. She was a happy soul & a beautiful Granny


  2. […] back to rackers’ life tips: part 4 (legitimately a year ago) (where the fuck did that time go), point #7: “a choice is a choice […]


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