rackers’ life tips: part 5

1. “it won’t get any easier, you will only get stronger” – narelle johnston, 2k16

2. work in a place that won’t hate you for being hungover but only laugh and make guesses on whether or not you got lucky (the answer is not. the answer is always not)

3. friends stop being a dumb fucks and support ya gal & read my blog. there’s never anything so overtly inappropriate that i haven’t said to you before

4. go to gym (haha lol) (i don’t do dat)

5. racquel stop being a dumb fuck and drinking the night before significant events. or learn when to go home so u can have ur breakdown in the comfort of bed

6. stay hydrated when consuming the alcohol! i had a small amount of good sense on the weekend and kept up with the water intake as much as the tequila intake. i may have cried but at least i didn’t vomit

7. lady friends! and even male friends! come to fash’n’treasure on 21st of may at EPIC! i will be selling a shitload of clothes and shoes – like i actually almost have nothing left. i will soon b walkin around naked

8. stop acting as if the world is out to get you and only you. the world is out to get everyone. it actually doesn’t like anyone but it’s ur choice to not give a fuck about the world’s opinion and just do you

9. say THANK YOU to people who do nice things for you, like hold open a door! my god, the amount of times i’ve wanted to punch people in the head because they walk past as if they’re entitled to having the door held open for them. i WILL close this thing on your ass and also hold my foot out and make you eat shit just for being impolite! (i won’t actually do that. i’m probably too polite but i will secretly kill u in my head)

10. ok we’re actually here for a really not long time compared to the age of the universe. and really it actually does not matter what u do in ur spare time [unless it’s actually detrimental to nature] so stop giving a fuck man. just stop it. it actually doesn’t matter. like the fact that i just said actually about a million times, it really actually doesn’t matter. i know our lives are a massive thing to us because it’s us and we don’t know from anyone else’s eyes, but ur one person. there are a billion and 10million more than u. ok thx i’m not really sure what the point of this life tip is but basically just YOLO the fuck out of ur life

ps: i know u all really care and i’ll have u know that after i got my doc results, i’m not actually dying. i did have something wrong with me but that’s probably a bit gross to share with u but basically u get a whole lot of rackers for a whole lot more of ur life. aren’t u excited?

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