u no mi nem not my storeh

it’s not secret that i’m all up in yo grill on social media. whether that actually annoys you shouldn’t even be in the question, there are unfollow/unfriend, and god forbid i annoy you that much, block buttons for a reason. we can all play on guesses as to why i’m addicted to it… instant gratification, validation, attention, the like. i don’t even bloody know. i just know that i like sharing my funny anecdotes, pretty pictures, and obviously ridiculously good looking face.

what still gets me is that people think that just because i post a lot on social media, they know what’s going on in my life.

“the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

i recently ran into some old school friends. did the usual ‘heyyyyyy oh my god how you goiiiing, what have you been up toooo?’ and one of them said to me, ‘i know how you’re going!’ i was like wot u mean bitch. and they said because they see me all over their newsfeed…!

i was like okeh? u see me post funny shit that happens during ma day, see me tagging ma friends and family in dumb funny shit, and probably like a million and one photos of dogs. and then we head on over to instagram and we see most likely a selfie where i look exactly the same as the last time i posted a selfie, i probs just thought up a witty caption to go with it and/or had a rlly good eyebrow/hair/eye day… or we see a pretty sunset or a fuckin photo of my dog.


so u know bout how i’ve been going at home, how my family’s going, what i’ve been up to, who i’ve been seeing, and whether i’m genuinely happy in this moment of my life? all because of that? u are fuckin magical. don’t pretend you know ‘how i’m going’ just because of what i choose to show.

if u care i’m actually going pretty well because i’m finally cutting back on work hours and learning to spend time with myself again and hey it’s me even when i’m at my worst i’m still pretty bloody swell.

just a word to the wise. next time, just fucking ask me how i’m doing. i’ll more than likely give u the standard ‘oh yeah i’ve been goooood’, but it’s a lot more telling then pretending u know my life from this shit. remember bitches, highlight reel. behind-the-scenes. i work hard at keepin a positive head on my shoulders but don’t get under my skin unless i want u there.
sorry for swearing so much. love u bitches

By rackers

26 year old writer and artist, just trying to find her way through the world with words.

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