rackers’ life tips: part 6

1. SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT GIVE YOU A WINDOW INTO SOMEONE’S REAL, HONEST LIFE. it gives a window but it’s one of those ones with a fake picture up that shows the prettiest interior ever and the inside looks completely different. refer to previous blog post

2. come out for my birthday this weekend! civic saturday night who knows maybe one of u will get lucky xx

3. eat more than an apple if u are going to walk up mt ainslie… but also take weird success photo when u get there

4. dogs

5. how many times do i have to say this? STOP. the fucking GIRL HATING

6. i’ve been accused of being very shallow. no, looks aren’t everything, but fuck me mate u can’t fuck a personality. IN SAYING THAT, i do believe physical attraction grows when ur personalities match! who KNOWS maybe i’ll end up marrying a rlly unfortunate looking dude…who probs had a fortunate looking bank account hahaha lol

(promise i’m not actually that shallow) (but srsly u can’t force a feeling as much as u can’t force attraction)

7. read all the books, it will make u smrt like me

8. always pee after sex haha lol UTI’s are not fun


10.harry potter is real

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