rackers’ life tips: part 7

1. don’t feel guilty for not feelin it with someone who’s feelin u. you don’t owe them anything and you owe yourself everything

2. on that note, i think it’s perfectly acceptable to be selfish if it’s working towards your happiness- AS LONG AS you are not hurting too many peoples feelings in the process. be clear of your intentions and reasons

3. clean ur bathroom if u intend on having someone over

4. eat something before u have work…i probably almost fainted 5 times last night

5. sort your shit out earlier than two weeks prior to an overseas trip…

6. FOMO is a serious and life threatening disease. put an end to it now. you will be ok if u do not go out that one night

7. yeh nah mum used to be like ‘you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did’ and i’d be like nah but mum what if i really fucked up and now i realise that there is legitimately no point in a regret if it is what u wanted to do at the time. even if it was ridiculously stupid, yolo the fuck out of ur life

8. don’t be a fuckface

9. if ppl don’t seem like they want to share details of their life with u, give it the fuck up. it’s not ur business unless they let it be ur business


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