5 things you should probably do before you go abroad

1. Probably get a passport sorted (in time) (try not to chance it and only get it 4 days before you leave) (rackers bali 2k15)

2. Probably apply for a credit card as an emergency weeks in advance (unsuccessful) (a week before is probably too short) (no emergency cash dollars for rackers)

3. Probably pack all your shit a couple of weeks prior (I packed at 4am this morning) (will most likely 9/10 forget something)

4. Probably transfer cash into other bank accounts more than a week prior to leaving (leave in 3 days. All cash is in one bank account, cannot transfer all in one lump sum unless go into bank. Cannot do that til Monday. Leave Tuesday. Oops)

5. Give your dogs all the kisses in the land and cry more about leaving them than your family

One response to “5 things you should probably do before you go abroad”

  1. Official callout Rackers. You haven’t made a post in like 2 months. Cmon girl.


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