rackers’ life tips: #rackersabroad edition

1. don’t get distracted kissing boys cause your phone and wallet will end up getting stolen

2. don’t get your cracked phone screen fixed before you go overseas so pickpocketers will discard your worthless phone, resulting in it eventually being returned to you so you can go back to kissing boys

3. don’t wear a dress when you’re going to a sex show in amsterdam in case your traitor contiki group volunteer you to go up on stage and undress a huge (and i mean huge) black guy which ultimately ends in you getting picked up, swung around and dry humped on stage

4. trust your gut when you think you’re getting scammed in barcelona otherwise you’ll end up paying 10 euro for a free public bus and getting a water balloon full of urine thrown on your head

5. if you don’t feel like speaking to people of your language just pretend you speak french

6. take your makeup off of a night, especially when you have eyelash extensions, otherwise you will wake up with a swollen eye and only get to take in venice with an eye and a half

7. check the weather report before you book a ticket to an outdoor historical site like park guell otherwise it will storm and lightning will hit 200m away from you and you will almost die

8. don’t order crepes with lemon and sugar in paris at the stalls cause i have no fucking idea what they use as lemon juice but i felt like i was eating week old lemon-flavoured piss

9. work on your resting bitch face otherwise you will get old armenian or italian or spanish men thinking they can be your sugar daddies

10. san sebastian is fucking beautiful. go there.

basically there’s only so many things you can do when you’re overseas to ensure your safety while still having a good time so essentially just have a fucking blast and live by the rackers’ ultimate life tip: yolo


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