2 cool 4 u

A tinder boy messaged me and asked me (or told me?) ‘so tell me about you?’ – (yes, inb4 ‘ur back on tinder’, because I completely and utterly lack self control and the pure bantz is too good to stay away from).

Now, how much does one delve into their own personality with someone you’ve never met? Let’s be real, I made it past stage one of impressing – he’s swiped right and complimented my hair. We find each other attractive. Hooroo.

How much do I lie/butter him up/try to make myself seem cooler than I actually am? Or do I just go all out, guns blazing, 110% full on rackers, and see if he can deal with it?

Do I send him multiple memes that accurately represent my personality? Do I tell him my birth date and star sign so he can research the basic traits of my personality? Do I share with him that in my 18th, 19th and 20th year of my life, I chose to spend majority of my Saturday nights at home with my dog Buster rather than socialising with human beans?

That I am addicted to instagram? Love a selfie? Am extremely unfit? Was voted ‘most likely to be a crazy dog lady’ in year 12?

And then there’s the whole side of ‘why the actual fuck am I thinking so much into this?‘ He’s probably not put a single thought into his message and secretly hoping my reply will be ‘I’m funny, love a surf, and hold no emotional baggage – wanna bang?’

Haha lol. Soz m8. Not today. 

Not today. 

Naturally I have a method to my madness and a point to my rambling – at what point do we take our ‘socially acceptable’ mask off and let people see the real, radical, cool, fucking state of the art, out of this world persona, that is you, that is me, that is every single soul out there?

Cause isn’t the whole point of life to find the souls that ignite the fire within you? Why do we bother with the conformities if we never truly get to be ourselves?

Great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ.

Essentially: conformity isn’t always a good thing. Because where would we all be if we were all the same?

I dunno man. Point is – even if you like to brush your teeth with Vegemite, have an irrational fear of socks, like to eat corn (like what the actual fuck???? Why do so many of you like corn???? Literally the devils food), OR simply struggle to know yourself yet. Don’t fake a personality to fit in. U r a human bean. There is so much to you. 

Just a final note… cheers tinder dude. For asking a painfully normal, uncomplicated and simple question that my painfully unnormal, complicated fucked up mind took all the way to mars and back out of context. 

Thanks for bringing rackers back. To let you know it’s okay to be weird. In fact, it’s fucking cool to be weird. It’s cool to be you. 

Until next time.

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