white girl finds self at emo concert

There is absolutely no doubt that I am a #typicalwhitegurl when it comes to music. I listen to Taylor Swift, dance around to Spotify’s Hottest 100, and get ridiculously excited when Spice Girls comes on in the club.

I drove for 7 hours on Wednesday, and belted out Beyonce’s Love On Top so many times, and so fucking loud, that my throat was aching. Occasionally I’ll chuck in different genres for good measure, like country (I think that’s the Quangaz upbringing), or a bit of good old, heart wrenching/oddly comforting emo… But essentially rackers is ya token basic white bitch.

I went to Twenty One Pilots last night with my little sis as our Christmas present to her. I’ve gone to the extent of listening to the songs that were made popular by young pop culture – naturally, found on Spotify. I actually have no idea what I was expecting.

But I was not expecting to become a fan girl.

Basic white pop culture girl finally understands real connection to music (further than a good lyric + catchy beat). Finds self at emo concert, shaves hair off, quits job and spends thousands of dollars on tattoos.

Jokes, only a little bit of an exaggeration there – the hair is already shaven, I am still a working class gal and I do not have thousands of dollars to spend on tattoos [that will come later in life]. But my fucking word, people. The performance was unreal. And their own connection to the music they are playing and the words they are saying are so real. For a gal that struggles with multitudes of emotions, I can now understand the complexity of music and how it can literally save lives.

Their songs have helped people through depression and anxiety, and I’ll be honest – I SHED A TEAR in one of their songs. Their lyrics are that BLOODY GOOD. (Although not sure how much the whole tear thing says – I’ll cry over a cute dog).

Essentially this is my coming out party – I am now an emo fan girl (but Spotify Hottest 100 will never leave u luv u).

And fam, if you’re struggling out there, cause life’s bringing ya down – take a listen to Twenty One Pilots. They know feels, man. And they’ll make you feel them.


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