lost art of love

the lost art of love.

You’ve never known all-consuming, heart-achingly beautiful love for a significant other. Something different to your family, to your best friends, to your pets. You’ve ached for others, but you have never looked at someone and thought, ‘My God, I love you.’

‘I want to make a life with you.’

Artist: François-Henri Galland 

But you feel okay about it, because you are drenched in ‘self-love’ and ‘selfishness’ in your younger years, all over social media, the media, the world. It is more acceptable now than it ever has been, to be single. To be alone.

It is a day and age where careers come first, suiting the lifestyle you want to the career you choose to have – putting your work above all else, because otherwise you would not be able to have all of these cool things. That you don’t get to spend time with. Because you’re at work.

‘I’m only thinking of my future self.’

But when does the barrier cross from current workaholic, money-hungry, lifestyle-driven self – to future self? How does one decide, that, yes, today is the day I will be my future self. Today is the day I sit back, relax, and appreciate the things surrounding me.

People are putting dating down to their very last priority, because let’s face it – would you prefer to go out there, try new things, meet new people, dip your toe into all different types of humans – or sit back, let tinder do the work for you, and blame it solely on the fact you are too focused on your work?

Older generations do not understand us.
‘The sole point in life is to find a partner, and you young people just don’t get that anymore. Young men are stupid because they don’t care about settling down with a nice girl. Girls are starting to focus on things they want to do, instead of finding someone to do them with.’

It’s hard to choose which side you agree with. If it’s a matter you can be on the fence about.

You get sick, and tired, of people who feel the need to put their opinions in on your love life all of the time.
‘Get off tinder, you don’t need it to find a boyfriend.’
‘Why are you looking for a boyfriend?’
‘You need to love yourself first.’
‘You need to stop searching for love. It happens when you least expect it.’
‘You can’t expect love to fall in your lap, you need to go out and find it.’

– not searching
– tinder is purely for bantz
– yo probs love myself more than any of u
– love will happen when love happens
– why the fuck do you think you need to have a say?

Have we lost the art of love? The story of how it’s supposed to be. Or have we purely just started to re-write it?

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