rackers’ life tips: part 9

1. sometimes all you need to do is cry.
a study showed that the reason humans cry is because you are feeling that one, single emotion so strong, that your body has no other way to release it other than a tear. it just says ‘here’s a little blub of feelings’ and blup! out pops a tear.
whether it’s over a sad poem, movie or quote – a shitty customer, rude passerby or asshole driver. or even, god forbid, a poor rainbow lorikeet who flies into your window. (i sobbed, like a child, and buried him. rip u poor lil thing). just let yourself cry.

2. tea and a good episode of friends.

3. ignore people who think they know more about you than you do (!!!!!!)

4. take selfies when ur feelin urself gurl EMBRACE YO DAMN SELF

5. stop searching for your other half. you are not a half.

6. by FAR the most unhealthy habit you can have is comparing yourself to others!!!! stop it!!!! you are you and that is the SPECIAL THING literally no one else is YOU. no one else has your MEMORIES or your FEELINGS and until you understand this i WILL keep yelling RANDOM WORDS at you!!!

7. there’s not much in the world a mum hug can’t fix, and some of us aren’t so lucky to have that anymore. cherish it.

8. ‘when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.’ – bob marlzzz. practice love, not only preach it. it all starts with a small gesture.


10. the best is yet to come, homedawgs. stick around to see it.


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