rackers’ life tips: part 10

1. stop whatever you’re doing and look at the sunset. (even when you’re getting ur hair bleached)

2. don’t go to sleep with make up on! it is so bad for your skin! use miscellar water! take care of your skin!

3. be kind. your kindness could literally change someone’s life.

4. do not make homes out of people. this will make you homesick and sad, missing arms that are not roofs.

5. pineapple. DOES NOT GO ON PIZZA.

6. read all the books in the land. it is so good for your soul.

7. friendships/relationships are two way streets. you can’t get mad at someone for not making the effort, if you are not making the effort. 

8. people can’t use you…if you’re useless…hahaha lol

9. your oldies have nothing but love for you. give your time to them, that’s all they’ve ever done for you. (happy 79th bday pop) (luv u)

10. i hope you meet the right people in 2017. but if you happen to meet the people who want to use you, i hope you know when to walk away.

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