seed of strength

You know, I think the crucial thing is that, while they’re still around, you think “I could not survive without you.” 

But you can, and you will.

And for a long time I kept thinking,

“I’m still doing this because of you,” and, “I’m only coping because I need to, for you.”

Then one day it changed. I realised that I was coping because I needed to, for me. 

You had taught me as much as you were going to teach me while you were here, but I was only really learning from it while you were gone. 

You had planted a seed of strength inside of me; it was just up to me to let it grow. So I did. And I still am. And I forever will be.

Because we were placed on this earth to live life for ourselves and ourselves only. But we are blessed when we find people, are bounded by and with people, create people – that give us a reason to keep going. A reason to live. Hoping you can be their reason, too.

There’s a future version of me who is proud I was strong enough.
And she looks an awful lot like you.

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