You’re driving.
You are so used to the road ahead of you.
You’ve driven it hundreds of times.
Your eyes lose focus.
Your hands automatically know which way to steer the wheel.
Feet know exactly when to brake.

Your favourite song comes on; mindlessly mumbling along to it.

You’re lost.

You’re lost in thought.

Moments you had forgotten.
Suddenly they are replaying in your head, as if they happened yesterday.
Feelings you only feel when you’re back in this place. Back on this road.

How does a place bring so much nostalgia?

You stop the car.
Refocus your eyes.
Wait for the right moment in the song to turn the car off.

“How did I manage to get here safely?”

You’re so used to the road you’ve driven hundreds of times.

“I do not remember that trip at all.”

You sit in the car for a moment.
Open the door, and look up.
How is it so mesmerising every time?
So many stars.

You stand there for a few moments.
All you can hear is nature and the sound of your own breath.
The crunch of your shoe on the gravel.

You breathe it in.
You know you’ve made it.


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