Month: June 2017

why we broke up

What’s with people’s incessant need to know the ins-and-outs of relationships that aren’t their own? I’ve been guilty as a goose. The classic stalk of one (or both), contemplating whether they are still together because they haven’t posted anything with the two of them in a while. (Turns out they are still together, just too…

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rackers’ life tips: part 17

1. Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need and sometimes you get what you get. 2. I’ve made this point before but I’ll make it again… The song┬áMost Girls is a banger, mainly because of the message behind it. “I wanna be like most girls,” – being like most…

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It’s Friday night. 8.48pm. I have turned down two invitations to go for drinks and, you know, have a good time. I have taken my pants off. But not yet my makeup, because it looks really good today and I am not yet emotionally ready to part with it. I’m sitting under my doona. Doona,…

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i read all of these words and i wish they had come out of my hands, out of my heart, conjured from my mind. i want to dive right into the abyss, soak myself in words, sink into these little joinings of letters that just understand me right down to my very bone. the way…

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Your thoughts are going to trick you. Your memories change your opinion on what really happened. You can (somewhat) control where your mind wanders, thus your state of mind. I only just discovered how utterly wrong I was about a situation in my past and how much I had conditioned myself to remember the feelings…

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Choosing your favourite holiday destination is like choosing your favourite pet. You know you’re not supposed to, but you do. (And you’re really obvious about it). Every place has its own charm, something to fall in love with around every corner. No words can explain seeing the Eiffel Tower after years of staring at the…

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