why we broke up

What’s with people’s incessant need to know the ins-and-outs of relationships that aren’t their own?

I’ve been guilty as a goose.

The classic stalk of one (or both), contemplating whether they are still together because they haven’t posted anything with the two of them in a while. (Turns out they are still together, just too busy actually enjoying each others company to appease you and throw it all over social media).

We do it with celebrities, models, footy players – friends, foes and people you’ve never actually met from your hometown but feel you know quite well because, well, you’re constantly checking their social media.

We sit with our gals over wine, boiz over beer, friends over the phone, indulging in our little guilty pleasure – light hearted gossip.
“So! Did you hear?”
Whoever sits across from you lights up, eyes sparkle, ready to get their daily dose of hot goss right off the press.
“Ooh, what?”
“____ and ____ broke up!”

You tell each other what you have heard from other mouths that shouldn’t have been sharing what you’re sharing.
“But don’t tell anyone,” you say, half-hoping that if they do, they don’t mention your name.

Sometimes a couple breaks up and you feel as if they have broken up with you as well. You had poured so much of your own admiration into the love they shared that it hurts to see them ending it.

You start dating someone and get onto the topic of past relationships.
“So why’d you break up?”
What are we searching for in that question?
Are we checking to see if they were the heartbreaker or heartbroken?
Or are we just so used to feeling as if we need to know, to fulfil some innate desire inside of us that craves knowing details? An odd sense of curiosity that almost all share.

The title of this post, no doubt, will draw some readers in purely due to curiosity. They’ll think, ‘ooh juicy!’ and ‘I didn’t even know rackers had anyone to break up with?’ (haha! joke’s on you, I have so many tinder baes).

It’s a phrase that will probably always spark peoples interest. All I can tell you is that those who live the happiest existences, in my experience, are those who couldn’t give a flying fuck about who’s in love with whom.

I’m not going to tell you to stop caring about other people’s relationships, because I am never hear to tell you how to live your life. I am, however, here to guide you (your spirit guide, if you will), and to let you know it’s probably healthier putting all that time, energy, and effort, into your own personal relationships.

I’m out, off to stalk Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

(Aren’t they just so fucking gorgeous?)

Until next time. Your gal, rack daddy

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