For my 19th birthday, I was gifted a beautiful pair of Amethyst gold earrings. Naturally, I lost one of the pair one whole day after I was given them. I was fucking devastated. I noticed it was lost at my brothers 18th party, so I literally began a search party at the party. We eventually gave up, and I’ve never found it again.

It’s been four years.

I still have the single earring sitting in my bathroom, a beacon of hope; hope that, someday, maybe the other one will turn up again.

I have spent the last few days sleeping a lot more than is typically healthy, no doubt due to my shocking diet and lack of exercise. My dreams have been a lot more realistic than usual (normally my dreams involve axe-wielding murderers in the house and being best friends with Dylan McKay from 90210), and I’ve been remembering them more so when I wake up.

During one of my sleeps on this (incredibly fucking lazy) Sunday, I dreamt of my Mumma. I don’t recall what we had been doing, I just remember being in her presence. As I was in limbo between my dream world and the real world, I was saying goodbye as some tears fell out of my eyes. She pressed the earring into my hand, and told me she loved me.
“You found it!”
“I’ve always had the other one,” she said, as she held her hand to her chest and showed me her necklace, made with the stone from the earring.

It’s been four years.

Four years since I lost my earring, four years since I lost my mum.

I may never find the other half of the set, but I can always adapt what I have, to become something new. Something just as beautiful. Something just as special.

Said earring is now a gorgeous new necklace, resting on my chest.

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