rackers’ life tips: part 21

1. Drunk whispering is not the same as sober whispering. Watch what you say.

2. Stop finding confidence such a threat.

3. Criticising someone for doing something you don’t like (but they love) literally does nothing but make you a shitty person.

4. “You ruin your life by desensitizing yourself. We are all afraid to say too much, to feel too deeply, to let people know what they mean to us. Caring is not synonymous with crazy. Expressing to someone how special they are to you will make you vulnerable. There is not denying that. However, that is nothing to be ashamed of. There is something breathtakingly beautiful in the moments of smaller magic that occur when you strip down and are honest with those who are important to you. Let that girl know that she inspires you. Tell your mother you love her in front of your friends. Express, express, express. Open yourself up, do not harden yourself to the world, and be bold in who, and how you love. There is courage in that.” — Bianca Sparacino

5. “Boys will be boys” and “girls will be girls” are the shittest excuses for anything ever.

6. I recently invested in 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Weist, and she speaks of “shadow selves” in Chapter 1 — “…the parts of you that at some point you were conditioned to believe were ‘not okay,’ so you suppressed them and have done everything in your power not to acknowledge them. You don’t actually dislike these parts of yourself, though. So when you see somebody else displaying one of these traits, it’s infuriating, not because you inherently dislike it, but because you have to fight your desire to fully integrate it into your whole consciousness.”

This reiterates my point of finding confidence such a threat in a different way — I find the reason people often ‘don’t like’ me off the bat, or the things ‘friends’ poke fun at the most, are my innate confidence in myself and self-love (see insta for bulk selfies) (some would say narcissism — I would say a product of this generation) and my ability to go full force at something I believe will make me happy. In the end, it’s only sad for them, because they harbour these feelings of unease and direct them at me, when it’s only an issue within themselves.

7. “Emotionally intelligent people allow themselves ‘bad’ days. They let themselves be fully human. It’s in this non-resistance that they find the most peace of all.” — Brianna Weist, 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think.

8. There are only so many people you can blame for your feelings until you realise that the blame needs to fall on yourself.


10. Don’t exaggerate someone else’s feelings because that’s how you think they should be feeling. (!!!!!)

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