Month: October 2017


What if you could erase yourself from people’s memories? Would you want to? You could take away the things that make you cringe. The things that keep you up at night. What you wish they hadn’t talked about, or even remembered in the slightest. You’re saying yes. But what if you erased it completely? What…

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the girl on the moon

Will Lawter was only five when he first noticed the girl on the moon. He was outside with his dad, lying with their legs in their makeshift camping tent and their heads using the grass as pillows. His eyes were fluttering closed, sleep encumbering him, when he noticed weird movement on the moon. It looked…

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who would want to love a writer?

I’m standing in line for coffee at Uni. I’m completely zoned out and it takes a moment for me to realise the guy behind me is trying to start a conversation. “Lines are always so long here hey?” “Haha yep.” “Waiting for my coffee takes up pretty much my whole smoko time.” “Oh, that’s no…

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rackers’ life tips: part 22

1. Pettiness is a surefire way to find yourself friendless in no time. Stop sweating the small stuff. 2. Telling someone their career goals are ‘unrealistic’ is small-minded and sad for you. Someone has to write the best sellers, produce the music and direct the box office hits. If anything, your negativity just adds fuel…

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