Month: November 2017


“You have depression.” 1 in 3 Australians battle with mental health. I’ve been on the bandwagon of preaching self-help, self-love and talking about your problems since day dot, but to be perfectly honest with you, I thought that was where the line would be drawn. I did not think I would actually ever hear those…

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short story

“Flight VA898 to Melbourne is boarding now.”  I look up at the sound of the announcement, checking my ticket to ensure it’s my flight that has been called. People around me scramble to line up, the line stretching further than the seating area. Those at the front who were lining up, even before the boarding call, watch with smug…

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be authentic

We live in a world where we seek validation from strangers on the internet on whether our photos look cool enough. A photo isn’t a successful photo if it doesn’t get enough likes, nor is your status funny enough for the same reason. I’m obviously completely guilty of it, considering I base the success of my…

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rackers’ life tips: part 23

1. Stop comparing yourself to strangers on Instagram. 2. November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month – the cancer with the lowest 5 year survival rate. I’m making mugs to raise funds and you can get them here: but more importantly, educate yourself, donate separately if you wish, and tell your humans you love them. 3.…

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