rackers’ life tips: part 23

1. Stop comparing yourself to strangers on Instagram.

2. November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month – the cancer with the lowest 5 year survival rate. I’m making mugs to raise funds and you can get them here: http://rackers.bigcartel.com/product/pancare-mugs/ but more importantly, educate yourself, donate separately if you wish, and tell your humans you love them.

3. Just because someone is on a different life path to you, doesn’t mean they’re doing life wrong compared to you. That’s the funny little thing about life; no one knows what the fuck they’re doing but it doesn’t matter as long as they’re happy doing it.

4. Stop thinking someone is feeling how you think they should be feeling.

5. Ctrl alt delete those people who are not adding value to yo life.

6. “We all fear that our feelings are too big, especially in the moment we’re actually having them. We were taught not be too loving, we’d get hurt; too smart, we’d get bullied; too fearful, we’d be vulnerable. To be compliant with what other people wanted us to feel.
… The point is that you aren’t the one who is afraid of feeling too much. It’s the one who called you crazy and dramatic and wrong.” Brianna Wiest, 101 essays that will change the way you think

7. “How do you go from living in a different city, working 6 days a week, to literally never leaving your house?” I dunno man how do you go from loving someone and wanting to spend forever with them, to not even knowing them at all? People change, priorities change, life happens and the way you live it concerns no one but yourself.

8. Anyone who has skin issues like myself, listen here!!! I got the secret!!! I tried so many things, like every skin care secret under the roof. (Even that special one those who have no skin issues always fucking tell you: wash it day and night. Amazing.) Cetaphil, Clearasil, fucking that one that always used to be on ads but I can’t remember it’s name anymore, Aesop. I currently just use miscellar water and a Garnier moisturiser. A month ago, I decided to take the leap and cut dairy completely out of my diet (and despite the occasional pizza hiccup), I have succeeded — my skin is clearer than it has been in yeeeaaarrrssss! It’s actual magic. My skin’s not perfect and I’m not sure it ever will be; I have scarring and still get little bumps and whatnot, but I actually feel confident enough to go in public without makeup and that is a big deal for me! So if you have skin troubles!!! Give it a try! And if you’re sad about what to add in your cereal, tea or coffee — Bonsoy is an actual dream in terms of health benefits and taste.


4th August 2017 — 9th November 2017


9. Hey man who someone’s banging is no one’s business but dey own (as long as they are single and consensual) Get your nose and your butt out of everyone’s bidness

10. Think of all the humans in the universe. Cut it down heaps and heaps and you’ve still got a shitload of humans as options. Date someone other than your friends’ ex.

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