Do you fall in love often? Yes, often. With a view, with a book, with a dog, a cat, with numbers, with friends, with complete strangers, with nothing at all.” — Jeanette Winterson

“You’re too fragile for this world.”

They tell you that you need to stop caring, that’s when you’ll be happier. You need to stop worrying and get out of your head; you’ll live a better life.

Don’t let them forget that the reason you live such an authentic existence is because you let yourself feel everything that comes your way. The days you break down are the days you need to break down; the days your body is wracked with sobs from the cruelty of this world or the cruelty of your mind or the cruelty of other people. The days you break down are the days that make you appreciate the good days even more. They are what make the good days feel like great days.

You don’t just live an existence. You live a life.

You are fragile. You are not too fragile for this world.

Sometimes people need to let themselves feel a little more fragility. Let themselves feel sad. Let themselves embrace true happiness.

Stop questioning. What is the point? Is this worth it? Why am I here? If life is just going to be full of disappointments, what am I doing?

Life is full of disappointment. It’s also full of opportunities and love and dogs and happiness and true human connection.

People used to tell me to stop caring. Care less. You won’t end up so hurt. You need to stop being so fragile in this world. If anything, I think people need to start caring more. Caring more about themselves, caring more about the people surrounding them. Caring more about life. When you care, it’s all worth it. Maybe because I care so much about other people, my feelings get hurt a lot easier than others. But when I find the right people, and when they care back, and when I can feel that what I feel for them is returned, that makes it so much more worth it.

That is what makes life worth living.

Be fragile. Let yourself break. Glue yourself back together. And throw yourself back out there. Your cracks are what make you special.

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