Month: February 2018

inner workings

inner workings is my first (of hopefully many) poetry collections in the form of an ebook. figurative blood and sweat, and many, many literal tears went into the writing of these pieces. “inner workings” is for the workings of my mind and soul, the make up of me written into 102 poems. it scares the…

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rackers’ life tips: part 24

1. Stop running scared from the rain. Life happens as you’re ducking for cover and keeping your head down, eyes averted from the magic of Mother Nature. 2. Think about and consider your own actions before you so easily criticise others. 3. We’ve come so far in terms of mental health awareness but we still…

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As someone who is a mahoosive advocate for mental health awareness, and more than eager to share my own journey along with ma lil rack babies, I’ve noticed in both my very public and very private journals, I hardly document when I am feeling happy. Instagram is usually inundated with selfies and (more selfies) happy…

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stop overthinking

“You just need to stop overthinking.” Oh? Wow, thank you so much, I had no idea, my entire mental state just shifted and I have you to thank for it. Had never thought of that before. Just stop overthinking. Shit. I’m crying, tears are running down my face and to anyone on the outside they…

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And all I want to do when my mind is wandering off, off into ‘fairy land’ as you used to call it, I imagine and wish and want to hold you in my arms; daughter to mother, I want to hold you and reassure it will all be okay, everything will be okay, just like…

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