rackers’ life tips: part 24

1. Stop running scared from the rain. Life happens as you’re ducking for cover and keeping your head down, eyes averted from the magic of Mother Nature.

2. Think about and consider your own actions before you so easily criticise others.

3. We’ve come so far in terms of mental health awareness but we still have a really long way to go. Stop sugar coating. Honestly, if you’re not okay, say you’re not okay. When someone asks how a friend is going, and you go on about how fabulous they are and how fabulous their life is when in reality you know they have been struggling through every day, it’s pushing us further way from accepting that people need helpAnd that’s really fucking okay. Rather than “oh, yeah they’re so good,” maybe say, “they’re trying, and I know they’ll be good soon.”

4. Hurting others because you’ve been hurt makes absolutely no fucking sense and you should hand in your license to be human now.

5. You can’t expect to be on, 24/7. You will have relapses. Everything will be good and all of a sudden, you’re under the earth with no light shining through and you can’t see yourself getting better again. This could last for a day, maybe a week. Possibly months. But things will get better. They always do. You just have to trust me on this.

6. Play with her nipples not her feelings.

7. Here is a list of things that help me get out of depresso pits:

  1. Really fucking loud, uplifting music — sing along to it so loud you can’t think straight, nor hear your sibling/housemate knock on your door thus having them walk in on you dancing in the nude.
  2. Green Tea. (I know, ew, shut up Racquel). T2 has this lovely blend called Gorgeous Geisha and it tastes and smells like you’re drinking flowers.
  3. On that note, diet plays a huge part. I’m not saying eating a fuckload of spinach will cure your mind (though I wish it were that simple), but ensuring you’re eating healthy makes a positive difference on your mental and physical health. (But don’t deny yourself that piece of cake).
    I ate like pure shit on holiday, and came back and found myself deeper in a sadness than I had been before it. There were obviously many contributing factors but I do believe that, since I’ve been eating a lot better and my happiness is through the roof, the fuckload of spinach has been helping.
  4. Exercise…………..sorry. I’m being this guy. But even something as simple as going for a walk around the lake or a bit of yoga gets the good juices flowing.
  5. BOOKS. SO MANY FUCKING BOOKS. I set a goal of reading 50 books in 2018 and I think I may have to up it…as I am already on book number 18 in the second week of Feb…nerd. BUT immersing yourself in a completely different world shifts perspectives and also helps you get out of yours for a little while.
  6. Throw whatever is in your reach as long as it is not fragile/will not do damage to anything around you. I almost set my room on fire as I threw my shoe and it rebounded off my wardrobe, onto my heater, flicked the switch without me realising, and began heating up my dressing gown that was resting atop the heater. Now I stick to lighter shoes or pillows.
  7. Scream.

8. Light exercise is much better for times you are emotionally on edge. I’ve done a bit of research into it, as I was finding myself constantly walking away from the gym feeling more fragile than when I went. I’d get in the car, sore and tired, and the waterworks would begin almost as soon as I was on the drive home. THIS IS because I was pushing myself too hard, trying to outrun the thoughts in my mind. Vigorous exercise can actually push your serotonin levels even more out of whack if they already are a little whack, rather than evening them out; so light exercise, like a brisk walk around the lake (or on the treadmill while watching the latest episode of Riverdale), and yoga are the go-tos.

9. I matched with a dude on tinder (yes tinder has yet again been downloaded, yolo, idgaf) and his bio said “Someone once told me that if I’m ever sad I just need to realise that I’m one day closer to eating my next plate of nachos and that’s really helped me through some tough times,” and I think it’s a philosophy we all need to adopt.

10. You are alive, and sometimes that is enough to be thankful for.

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