Month: April 2018

my fault: a poem

*TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE* It was my fault. Dark red. On my lips. On my nails. On my thighs. It was my fault. Dark red. Sound of my pleas. Aura around his skin. It was my fault. Dark red. Blood under my nails. Beating of my heart.   His eyes, dark green. So calm, peaceful. Turned…

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everything happens for a reason

Fuck sake. This was up there with one of the hardest to write. I started it, and erased it, and wrote almost exactly the same introduction, and erased it again. Everything happens for a reason. There it is. Simultaneously one of the most comforting — and most terrifying — thoughts to try and make sense…

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inner body experience

I don’t know how transcendent an experience you can have at 10:30pm on a Saturday night, tucked up in bed with your head stuck in a book. I don’t know how real this experience of mine was, or if it’s the pure exhaustion my soul is currently feeling at play. I don’t know if it’s…

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