Month: August 2018

five years.

I don’t know what to say anymore. It feels the same, and yet, I feel as if every word I have ever spoken or written about mum has not gotten near enough to what I have felt for the past five years. You get used to it. And when you feel like there’s something missing…

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the luck of mirrors

We all have a bad side. You know when you need to take a group photo, and everyone has to rearrange themselves perfectly on their good side? And it’s always a slight disaster when you and your friend have the same good side? Cue awkward back to front pose. Mine is my right side. There…

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for them.

You’ll have moments in life where everything is weighed down; not only your heart, your stomach and your shoulders and your head — when was the last time you were able to lift your head? When was the last time life didn’t feel so heavy? You have to say goodbye to people who are your…

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