Month: October 2018

the complexities

There are many things I am not. Sure of myself, in a constant state of contentment, religious, alone. I know I am not a bad person. There are many things I am. Confident in who and what I am, lonely, comfortable in what I have, kind, privileged, angry, depressed, yet more happy than not. Trusting…

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Harry Potter fan fic

Professor McGonogall sat at her desk and poured over the pile of reports on her desk. The feather quill tickled her cheek as her eyes glazed over and ink spilled onto the desk. She performed a spell to clean it up and stood out of her chair, stretching in an almost cat-like way. Walking toward…

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alternate reality

I woke up today and you were there. Didn’t feel any different, it wasn’t wrong, it was as it should be. You’ve been here for the past five years. I walked out and you were sitting on the couch, slowly eating your weetbix. “Morning Kel,” as you laugh at my dishevelled hair and odd pyjama…

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