rackers’ life tips: part 25

1. Alcohol is a depressant. Depression (or recognising it) is entirely more prevalent in our society today. Let’s change the idea that you have to drink it to have fun. I’m not suggesting cutting alcohol, but if you’re relying on it solely to have fun, maybe check yoself. Curate a life you don’t feel the need to black out from.

2. Sex is cool! Unprotected sex with someone whose sexual history you’re not entirely sure of – not so cool! Protect yourself kids, diseases don’t discriminate.

3. Stop commenting on people’s photos if you’re not genuine about it. It’s dumb. It annoys me. Stop it.

4. If you message someone for business purposes, whether DM or email – follow up on it! Even if you decide you don’t want their services!!! Heck!

5. People in long-term relationships, if you could just stop giving dating advice to ya single friends, that would be fab. Thanks.

6. Being an asshole is not something to be proud about. That shit’s boring.

7. Feminism is not a dirty word. It’s actually really cool, and so is education, and so is educating yourself about feminism, and so is wanting equality. So. Read up, kids.

8. Ever stop to think about the fact you’d crave love/a life partner so much if it wasn’t glorified as ridiculously as it is? Stress less dude, love can be found in a myriad of ways, not just in a relationship. Mostly within yourself, which is some rad ass shit. You’re not actually missing out on anything if you’re single for a lil, for a lot or for ya whole dang life.

9. Stop picking at your skin!!! You’re only making it worse!!! (I’m mainly aiming this at myself, but I’m sure some of you can relate. Srs. Treasure that skeleton cover).

10. I don’t need your sceptical bullshit all up in my grill. I believe in the universe, auras, a lil bit of witchcraft. Intentional living, meditation, spirituality. The funny thing is?? I often find the people giving me shit?? Are religious??? You literally believe in fantasy shit too? So, anyway. Call me weird all you want, stop acting as if it effects you in any way, shape or form. Unless I’m poking a voodoo doll of you. Then it’s definitely effecting you.

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