rackers’ life tips: part 28

  1. You went out with friends for lunch/brunch/dinner/what-have-you. You ordered the most expensive thing because money isn’t an issue for you. Don’t suggest splitting the bill evenly between you all because you may think everyone’s financially stable. Pay for what you ordered – they may have ordered the cheapest thing for a reason, not for a craving.
  2. What in the goddamn heck entails a ‘real job’? If someone is making money doing what they are doing… whether it’s at a desk… building something… making art… sex work… influencing on social media… then does this? not? constitute as a job?
  3. I used to be afraid of the ‘bitter bitch’ trope – I would allow assholes who treated me like shit to stay in my life, appeasing their egos, and for me to seem ‘forgiving’ and ‘cool’. Don’t do this. There is no shame in cutting someone out if they showed you how little you mean to them.
  4. There is no expiration date on heartbreak. Don’t be so hard on yourself, man.
  5. Put the toilet seat down. It’s about hygiene, kids.
  6. Ten All Access!!! Free first month! Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Beverly Hills 90210! 7th Heaven! So much goodness!
  7. Inspiration is not an object to look for, but rather the decision to grasp onto the feelings and moments that move you.
  8. Stop! Apologizing! For feeling! Your feelings!!!
  9. There is power and strength in being human and vulnerable; stop hiding behind the issues. If you aren’t vulnerable, there is a lot less pain… but a lot less love.
  10. Being the passive person in a relationship/thing/datingship/whatever the fuck you want to call it, is gross and outdated. It’s not cool to not care about the person you’re spending your time with.


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