Month: May 2019

who are you voting for?

Learn your own political ideology rather than letting people tell you how to vote. Who are you voting for? How did you come to this decision? Were you told by your mates that that’s who you should vote for, so you took it as gospel? Have you never questioned your parents, because they’re your parents,…

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why do we go back?

Lauren Conrad once said one of the most relatable quotes in television history, one that has made many rounds on Instagram for heartbroken and/or ego-bruised girls. What is it with the self-destructive, complete lack of will power, that is going back to an ex? Whether it be an ex-partner, ex-fling, ex-semi-on-and-off-person, and whether it be…

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shockingly evil

I was anxiously awaiting the release of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile. I am one among many in this day and age who are obsessed with true crime podcasts, docos and books. Anything completely against humanity absolutely engrosses me, yet I can’t quite define the phenomena – why are we all so interested in…

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