who are you voting for?

Learn your own political ideology rather than letting people tell you how to vote.

Who are you voting for?

How did you come to this decision? Were you told by your mates that that’s who you should vote for, so you took it as gospel? Have you never questioned your parents, because they’re your parents, even though they are simply human too and you are entitled to different views?

I grew up with friends who had formed their opinions based on what their parents fed them, and friends who “have no political opinion.” In this climate, we cannot afford to have no opinion. To be uneducated. I don’t care if your views differ from mine as long as you know why you think that way. As long as you have legitimate reasoning and understanding behind your choice. I have friends who donkey vote because they ‘don’t care’. It is SUCH a privilege for us to be entitled to vote. Don’t throw the privilege away.

What I find most pathetic in the current political climate is the personal digs – and what can only really be deemed as cat fights – to try and win our votes. They spend so much time pulling the other party down that they don’t actually spend enough time talking about their policies. Telling us why we should vote for them, not why we shouldn’t vote for the other party.

HERE is a list of who the parties are and what they stand for. Take your time to read through it and make an informed decision based on your ideals.

USE THIS to figure out where you stand. It quizzes you on what you find most important and will show you where your ideals land you within the major parties. Another QUIZ here that tells you where you best lie and who your candidates are in your area; perfect to understand how to vote below the line.

But there’s also this: you should VOTE BELOW THE LINE. It is so important to choose the independents you want to see running our country; it leads to a better system and more chance of it being the way we want it to be. For a better future. The future is in your fingertips.

Make your vote count.

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