rackers’ life tips: part 30

1. A good sense of humour is not based upon bagging other people out. That’s actually a sign of shit humour and shit personality.

2. It’s not cool to be an ambassador for a fast fashion chain/cheap shit clothing.

3. “I’s” is not a thing! “It’s my friend and I’s thing,” DOES NOT WORK. It is “it’s mine and my friends thing.”

4. Don’t be a coffee snob.

5. Watch the latest season of Queer Eye. You won’t regret it. I love them.

On this note, there seems to be a lot of articles floating around at the moment about how Bobby is the ‘unsung hero’ and essentially painting him as the only important one.
I love Bobby. But I also love ALL OF THEM. Because they wouldn’t be the Fab Five without ALL FIVE. You can have a personal favourite, sure. And sometimes it seems that Bobby gets forgotten because he doesn’t do the emotional side of things as much. But what I’ve been reading is that his work is more worthwhile because the others just ‘talk about emotions and shit’. The people they have on the show need to talk about emotions. That is why they are on the show.

Every single one of those men are important in each aspect. They excel in their own part as these people need help in each aspect.

6. If you’ve just started dating someone and you’re moving so fast, you’ve essentially planned your wedding after a week; pull the reigns in, buddy. Slow it the fuck down.

7. Don’t say “I wouldn’t/don’t normally do this” – it almost always means you have. People don’t care about whether you don’t. It’s about the fact that you are in that moment. OWN that and be confident in the decision you are making – whether that’s just asking someone out or going home with them straight up.

8. Self-care is not something you should just have on your to-do list; to maybe get to when you have more time. Looking after yourself is a priority and vital to your mental and physical health.

9. It’s not cool to not be “like other girls” – run hard and fast if a guy tells you he likes you for this reason, and dudes if you are using that reason; take a long, hard look at yourself. And punch yourself in the face. Picking at ‘typical girls’ is WEAKNESS, bro, and it’s only because you’re afraid of their strength & emotions. (Plus chickas if you’ve got a man like this then he ain’t shit, he’ll happily box all girls together but get butthurt if you argue his ‘not all men’ stance).

10. Artist’s time!!! And work!!! Is just as important!!! As any other field!!! THEY DESERVE TO BE PAID FOR THEIR TIME, regardless of whether you decide to use the work or not.

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