homemade cashew milk

*buy these rings through the shop

I have been on the search for an alternative milk for my coffee for probably about three years. I enjoy almond when I go out, but I have never quite managed to master making a good almond coffee at home; also it is impossible to make almond milk creamy???

In walks — the wonderful cashew milk. An incredibly simple recipe to follow for all of your creamy nutty milky needs.

  1. Soak 4 cups of cashews in the fridge overnight (12-24 hours)
  2. Drain cashews & rinse all the way through
  3. Put in your blender:
    your cashews
    3 cups of water*
    2 tsps vanilla extract
    2 tbsps honey
    pinch of sea salt
    optional: 3 dates or dash of cinnamon
  4. Blend for 3 minutes on high or until all mixed together!

Magic! Voila! Creamy cashew milk!
*blend with more water if you prefer it less creamy

This should keep for at least four days and makes quite a bit to cover your coffee & cereal for a few days ☕️


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