I sat by the ocean

I sat by the ocean and the feeling of immense… smallness washed over me. The vastness of the ocean and the entirety of the unknown made me feel both as if nothing matters, I am all but a miniscule blip on the face of the universe, but then also that the universe resides within me. That the ocean is also indicative of emotions, and humanity, and all that comes with that. That while nothing matters, everything does. All the world is, is a series of paradoxes. That I could wade into the ocean and forget all that I ever have been as I allow myself to sink within its confines, or I could walk away from it and sink myself back into the mundane tasks of living. Would I be missed? Sure, for a time. But what is time? Is there a single moment where we disappear into the unknown? There is an invitation within the ocean just as there is into the unknown of afterlife. And what is there to say of the lack of existence in the afterlife, just because we no longer exist on this realm? There is so much yet to be discovered within the ocean, some of which we may never know; can not that be said of life after?

Bringing me back from my reverie was the wind suddenly changing, adding a slight bite to it and the tinge of the sky faintly changed; indicating the end of the day was near. I do not know how long I had been sitting there. As I rose, I realised my decision was made for me. While the ocean was inviting, I would always walk back to land; not yet quite ready to discover what is waiting for me on the other side.

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