this week at rackers co: pt 1

Here is some information about my life you may or may not find interesting:

The latest I stayed up this week was 6am. I sat up all night watching New Girl, creating the tarot designs, and… playing candy crush. While eating roll ups and drinking bulk tea. I am simultaneously an old woman and still a child. Though, here’s the lesson: Redefining success includes accepting that that is genuinely what brings you joy, which in turn makes you successful.

One out of two of my trips into town, I stopped at Maccas for an iced latte and two hash browns… literally after just doing my groceries and buying coffee grounds and frozen hash browns. So, wasting money for convenience is probably the reason I still can’t buy a house.
I am also an idiot in that I bought a coffee right after a blood test. It did not make me feel well.

In one of my dreams, I watched two planes crash into an apartment building, I could see people trying to get out of the fires, and then I got shot by someone standing near me. I died, became a ghost, and communicated through my sister. It was extremely vivid and fucked me up for the morning, but I guess the solace is that it was all just in my head?

Are you one of those people who question the price of handmade items? After I finished a custom pet illustration on Wednesday, I had to print it 15 different times because it kept coming out slightly wrong. It’s not always as easy as drawing something in 30 mins (I can never do it that quick anyway lol), printing it out straight away and sending it off. And it’s always done with so much love!

The most exercise I have done this week is daily walks down the driveway to check the mailbox, because life is worth living when you are waiting for packages in the mail. That is a solid 500m per day. Harley comes on those walks with me, but he is only making it halfway down the driveway now and he moves so slow… it is both beautiful and heartbreaking to watch your dog depend on you even more as they get old.

I have watched… a lot of TV. I have gotten into the habit of tracking everything I watch, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I know I watched over 200 hours of shows last month (… most of it was rewatching Brooklyn 99). I have started watching Brooklyn 99… again… for the sixth time in 3 months…

I bought another plant. This has become a weekly habit.

My mental health is doing really well!!! My doctor upped my meds last appointment and I think it’s actually doing it’s thing now. I feel content, especially through indulging in the things that make me happy (aka. Reading, watching Brooklyn 99 and illustrating). I say this after literally breaking down two weeks ago so I may be in a false sense of security. But does being aware of that, actually mean it’s *not* a false sense? Stay tuned to find out where my head takes me next week.

Words I wrote this week for my book: 0.

It has been a while since I have felt so excited and inspired by a project that it keeps me up at night, and actually makes me want to get up in the morning; I feel this about the tarot deck I’m designing. Truly, it fills me with so much love every time I am working on each one of the illustrations. This is entirely why I started doing what I do; creating and bringing to page something from my mind is magic right in front of me. It can be messy and tiring and annoying, but the process is just as beautiful as the end product. Creating brings you back to yourself, takes you out of your mind while being completely in it.

Preorder the tarot deck here!!!

Writing this down might make this more real, but my intention for next week is to genuinely start better routines. Maybe, you know, don’t stay up until 6 am creating; perhaps try to get up at 6am to start creating? Lol, good one Racquel. Anyway! Have a lovely long weekend beautiful people! Stay magic x

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