this week at rackers co: pt 2

This week sucked. I wasn’t going to write this, but realised that’s part and parcel of wanting to be more consistent with writing, with blog posts, with the little bits of business. There’s nothing like loss and grief to throw out your intention to set routines; so this is the one I’ll keep for now, while the rest of my days are spent binging Sabrina The Teenage Witch, doing slow work while sitting in bed, and making & packing orders as they come.

Honestly, though, this is really hard to write… because of the fake nails I have on. They are fabulous and fierce but make it too hard to bloody well TYPE. I had intended to write some of my novel yesterday, but the click clack of the keyboard just wasn’t as satisfying when it was clashing with the click clack of my nails.

Some sad moments of my week:

As written in my blog post earlier in the week, on your pet dying, I said goodbye to my sweet boy Harley. He has been my shadow as he got older and relied on having someone by his side, and I’d come to rely on having him by my side. It’s been a weird adjustment, and I’m still catching myself looking for him every day, expecting his little eyes to be staring at me by the side of the bed. I’ve accepted that life will suck for a little while; I’m no stranger to this feeling and am just in a low flow of life for a while.

Some weird moments of my week:

I was all ready to go to bed… at 4:50am… when I moved my pillow to get comfortable. And right there, in the spot normally reserved for another person, was a hunstman spider.

I was sitting on the toilet and casually walking right up beside me… was another spider.

I had a dream that a spider was weaving her web right above my head? Symbolism, orrrr…

Some random updates of my week:

Words I wrote for my book: 0.

I accidentally killed my sunflower plant… I wasn’t giving her enough daily sunshine. RIP.

I honestly didn’t do much work this week; I did a few illustrations, packed some orders, and slept a lot.

I finished Brooklyn 99 and was planning to take a break from it for a while, but then sadness happened, so I started it yet again…

I’ve started to track my food intake to keep on top of it, and I had about three healthy meals all week (if you can call any of them meals). I’m forgiving myself because it was a sad week, but hoping for more health this coming week. Pls hit me up with delicious veggie-filled meals. Nothing with corn tho. I hate corn.

My favourite moments of the week:

Easter Sunday with my fam. It was small and quiet but lovely to have a lovely meal with them all. I also snuck some extra lamb to Harley so grateful for that lols.

I hope you all had a lovely week! Look after yourselves x

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