rackers’ life tips: part 32

1. Be nice to service staff. What do you have to gain from being an asshole to someone who is serving your food? Even if they have made a mistake, remember they are human; forcing your bad day onto theirs only makes both of yours worse.

2. The reason you know what you know now is because past you made mistakes and bad decisions, so you grew from it. Forgive yourself for not knowing better at the time; you know better now because of it.

3. You don’t need a huge following to have a dedicated community. I still have such a small group of people that are customers and that is where my foundations have been laid, with the wonderful people who come back and continue to buy from me.

4. You don’t have to be small to fit in. Take. Up. Space.

5. The most important thing in your own life is you. Look after yourself, make space for yourself, take time for yourself.

6. Getting older is a privilege. I understand the shock of time passing and suddenly being an age that feels beyond what you actually feel like mentally, but speaking about age is a bad thing is just a messed up mentality. You are so lucky if you get to age.

7. Drink more water. Pls, hydrate yourself.

8. Pls for the love of all things sweet, caption your videos! Not only for me because I like to keep things silent and just read what you’re saying lol, but to make it accessible for hard of hearing and deaf people! It’s been said enough, stop ignoring it and do your duty as an inclusive human bean

9. Romanticising nostalgia is all well & good when it comes to music, films & fashion… but every age has its issues — no, your life wouldn’t have been ‘better’ if you were a child in the 80s, it just would have been different.

10. Think about how your actions would affect you if you were on the other end. Act accordingly.

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