this week at rackers co: pt 4

A shower thought (that wasn’t really a shower thought, more a ‘washing face’ thought): I can be so critical of my own face without makeup, especially when I’m tired and my skin has broken out. But I never look at my sisters and think they look bad in any way? I know their faces so well that it’s just that: their face. Existing on a vessel of someone I care deeply about. So if I’d never criticise them in that way, why am I doing it to myself?

I went to sleep before 10pm on Monday night. I was awake before 5am on Tuesday morning. Chief was so confused because he usually joins me in bed after Yvette has gone to work… look at the sleepy lil angel.

I actually got up! Existed! Did some work at a cafe! And then I was awake until 3am so went straight back to my normal routine of working well into the night.

Words written in my book: …43. Which isn’t a lot, but is more than 0. So.

Times I left the house: 4 whole times! For food and to drop packages off, but still. Amazing effort on my part.

Started a new novella, which I am super excited about. I will track the progress through here as well, as a way to keep accountable. It was a short story I wrote a few years ago that I know needed to be fleshed out more. I am hoping to add more pieces of my writing on the shop alongside the pieces I have already published — inner workings, she, by the sea, and turning to art.

I recently found Oak Magazine through the incredible Allira Potter (this issue’s cover!) and instantly fell in love, so I will be stocking some issues soon! I will also be making some special self care bundles with the mags. Sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date and get in first! (You can do so at the bottom of the page on the shop).

On the self care bundles note, I will be adding some new scents for the bath salts soon, as I understand not everyone likes lavender! I am still figuring out whether to do small drops every week or fortnight with all the new pieces I have, or do a big launch. The poll on my Instagram story was closely split, but I think the consensus ended up leaning more towards small drops. Keep your eyes peeled for how it plays out (or slide into my DMs if you have any advice lols).

ICYMI: rackers’ life tips: part 32 — life tips back after yet another hiatus.

I haven’t been reading much the past couple of weeks, I’ve just felt too ~out of it~ to focus. I picked up Playing Nice by JP Delaney as I find thrillers are great to get me back into reading as they make you want to keep turning the pages. So far, this hasn’t disappointed – I am not overly into the plot line, but I’m also sucked into wanting to know how it ends up.

I have also slowly been reading the self-published novel Not You, Only You by the wonderful Viv Kruckow at Rust Creative. She has perfectly captured what it was like to grow up in the early 2000s and the nostalgia is real!

I will be spending this weekend making MORE daisies! These are literally the most popular jewellery item I have ever had. Makes me so happy to see them all landing in their homes!

It’s Taurus season babies! You can buy this beautiful print here. This season is all about self love, care and listening to your intuition. Spend some time doing a self love ritual; light some candles, run a bath, make a cup of tea and journal your heart out. And, once again, look after yourself x

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