this (the past few) week at rackers co: pt 5

Coast trip reset. Journal Excerpt: The ocean really makes you feel alive. I sat on the sand and read for a while and had the thought: this. This is what I want my life to look like. Living slow. Being by the ocean. Coming home to a cup of tea and lighting some incense and candles. Creating when I feel called to. Reading for as long as I want. Existing on my terms.

Over these weeks, I have watched Criminal Minds in all my waking hours. Because of that, I then had many dreams about being held hostage, friends being murdered, and helping to solve crimes. Did that ever make me think I should space out my crime consumption/maybe watch more happy things? Yes, but of course I didn’t. I just continued freaking myself out and falling more in love with the BAU team.

Words written in my book: 0. Sad.

Plants bought: 1. Beautiful lil lavender plant.

I felt a bit fragile around Mother’s Day, so I have hardly left the house. It sneaks up on me every year and honestly surprises me when I feel affected by it. Bulk warm drinks and cuddling the dogs makes everything feel a lot better.

Latest love: ASMR Reiki, Healing with Sirena on YouTube and Tik Tok — they are helping me tremendously when I can’t get to sleep and I’m feeling a bit off.

Tarot cards — those of which took up pretty much all my working time for two straight months — are finally live. I am beyond proud of myself for creating 78 different cards, for actually sticking to a project and releasing it when I said I would, and for exercising my creativity even when I had the asshole in my head telling me my art isn’t good enough.

I created the tarot deck to inspire a little fun with your readings; use these cards as a guide when you need a bit of self-reflection.

Shop Tarot Deck Here.

Look after yourselves, angels x

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