this week at rackers co: pt 7

HAPPY 27 to me! I am officially in my late twenties! That sounds super weird to my ears! I had a beautiful week, spent time with my wonderful fam and got absolutely spoilt by them. More tools for my magic, books to read & jewels to adorn myself with. I had some low expectations going into this birthday; I just feel as I have gotten older that they matter less and I am much less excited by them. But I treated myself to a two hour long massage (my gosh that is a lot of time to have to mull over your thoughts) and had dinner with my family, and honestly, it was exactly what I needed. It was one of the best and most relaxing days I have had in a long time.

I treated myself (like, a lot) for my birthday. These are some wonderful businesses I treated myself from that you should check out:
Touch of Siam, Kingston ACT — literally the best massage I have ever had.
Stars of Gemini Necklace from Luna Rae — 9ct solid gold so I can wear all the time!
Crystals from Amity Created — a beautiful small business with all the wonderful tools for self growth and love.

Words written in my book: 0, again. How? Do? I? Get? Back? In? The? Habit?

Plants bought: 1… I am currently on track with buying a plant a week…

The amazing Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was this week and I did a ritual to help let go. A lot of what I need to let go (and I am sure you may need to, too) is to release expectations of where I should be in my life. Comes with the existential crises of entering the late twenties, I suppose. Your timeline is yours; stop comparing it to other people!!! We are not all living the same lives!!! That would be boring!!! I mean, if we were all married at the same time, who would get to have the fun single flirting at weddings?

After watching literally nothing else for the entire month of May, I got to the last episode of season 14 in Criminal Minds — a cliffhanger at that — and realised that Disney+ does not have season 15? …??! What. So, you know what I do? Redownload Binge, and because I have already had the trial, I paid $10 to get it back. Only to find… no s15 Criminal Minds!!! Back to Google I go. To then discover… currently in Australia, you can only watch s15 on Apple. For $30. The most upsetting dilemma of my week (which shows, you know, what an actually good week it was).

So, in light of the Criminal Minds dilemma, I was still in the ~ death crime and FBI ~ mood, and Disney+ suggested the show Perception. It is only three seasons long because unfortunately, though it’s good, it wasn’t super popular — but I really like it! It is about a schizophrenic professor who helps the FBI solve cases, and I really enjoy it because it shows mental illness in a better light than most shows do (a lot like Criminal Minds). Highly recommend.

I watched the Friends Reunion and I cried. I will always love Friends — my favourite show in the history of the world. It will always be my ultimate comfort show, largely because of the memories of watching it with Mum.

On that note, hey, people who don’t like Friends (for no other reason than just not finding it funny). You don’t need to announce to the world every time there is something about Friends on the internet. You can literally just let people enjoy things. You’re not cool for not liking something popular.

Work wise, I didn’t do a lot this week — I let myself enjoy birthday time and riding the relaxing wave — but pack orders. I sent off some self care boxes & some magical jewels.

Treat yourself to a self care box here!

Look after yourself x

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