this week at rackers co: pt 8

I have started to establish a waking up ritual, and it has made my days feel even better when I start on a good note. I had my usual feed dogs/make coffee/wash face routine, but now I have started every day with cleansing, card pulls & journaling.

I am stuck on the same Candy Crush level that I’ve been stuck on for like two weeks. It’s killing me. I am an old lady.

Words written in my book: 0.

Words written for short stories: like 200 or somethin.

Plants bought: 0. Sad.

Left the house: 0…

Sleeping pattern: Whacked out more than usual. I am awake all night and falling asleep at 9am, waking up around 3-4pm and doing it all over again.

Latest obsession: Supernatural again lol

Reading Writers & Lovers by Lily King. It was a gift from my sister for my birthday and honestly, it’s pretty much my life story. I am really enjoying it so far and it’s been useful to get me out of my reading slump. It’s peppered with great relatable, perceptive prose.

“Recently out of a devastating love affair and mourning the death of her beloved mum, Casey is lost. The novel she has been writing for six years isn’t going anywhere, her debt is soaring, and at thirty-one, with all her friends getting married and having kids, she feels too old for things to be this way.
Then she meets Silas. He is kind, handsome, interested. But only a few weeks later, Oscar – older, fascinating, troubled – walks into her life, his two boys in tow. Suddenly Casey finds herself at the point of a love triangle, torn between two very different relationships that promise two very different futures. And she’s still got to write that book…”

This piece was one of my absolute favourites so far in reference to missing someone after they pass:

Not a lot happens front of house for work at the moment; I send orders and don’t really have anything new to share, but I am brainstorming for a big launch of things later in the year. I will keep working back of house and hopefully have a launch date soon!

Happy Winter my beautifuls, enjoy the frost tip noses and numb fingertips. Drink bulk hot chocolates and look after yourself x

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