this week at rackers co: pt 9

I bought my Mug Press in October last year… Received it, realised I needed a specific ink. Left it for a bit, wasn’t prepared to spend more money just yet. Eventually, went online, bought some inks. They arrived, I did a happy dance! I tested it, and it didn’t work. Realised I just bought regular, off-brand ink. Lol. Left it a while more. Found a website, all inks sold out. Found another website, finally found the right inks that I need to use as refills. Ordered these, did a happy dance. Tested it, didn’t work. Yelled. Many Internet forums and head cleaning for my printer later, we are here. I can finally use my Mug Press. I can finally put my beautiful lil arts on beautiful lil mugs for everyone to enjoy while drinking your morning coffee.

starting 11/06/21

Still stuck on the same Candy Crush level??!

Words written in my book: 0…

Words written for short stories: 0…

Plants bought: 0. Sad.

Plants propagating: 2! Woohoo!

Sleeping pattern: Relatively back to normal! I say this after napping during the day and staying up til 5am. Lol. But at least I got up while the sun was still up.

Chopped my hair on a whim and I LOVE. The constant bleaching had made my thin hair even thinner, so cutting it has given it life again. This is your sign to chop your hair.

The week has been spent making a tarot deck for its new home, and playing with the mugs behind the scenes to get them up on the shop. Shop yours here!!!

Have a lovely long weekend! Stay safe, drive at the speed limit and look after yourself x

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